The mud came to Budapest in the early 20th century, when the city was known as the 'spa capital of the world', since when it continues to be prescribed by doctors for hundreds of treatments every day, earning it a long-time therapeutic role in the city's renowned medicinal spas.


Hungary's spa culture began with the Romans who discovered hot water springs when they built baths along the Danube River. There are 1300 thermal springs across the country, 118 of which are in Budapest, supplying 30,000 cubic metres of warm to scalding water to the city at any one time.


The country's spa culture really blossomed between the 18th and 20th centuries when the world's most elaborate spas were built. At the same time in-depth medical research rubberstamped the many healing properties of the country's water and mud. hungarymud is certified as 'curative' by the Hungarian Ministry of Health and while it is used by hundreds of people everyday in Hungary it is only now that that this miraculous natural therapy goes global.